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Your alternator is an important component as well as the heart of your vehicles electrical system. It is responsible for charging your battery and powering your engine.

However, it can fail over time just like every other vital component, leaving you stranded.

In this article we will explore the common signs and symptoms of alternator failure, which will help you identify the problem early on and avoid costly repairs.

Signs and Symptoms of Alternator Failure


1. Dim or Flickering Headlights light

Flickering dashboard lights are a clear indicator of alternator failure. If your headlights are dimming or flickering, it’s a clear sign that your alternators are failing.

2. Dead Battery or Battery Not Charging

A dead battery can be a sign of alternator failure. If your battery is dead or draining faster than usual it means it means your battery is not charging or holding a charge, it may be a sign that your alternator is not functioning properly.

3. Slow Engine Turnover

A slow engine turnover is a sign that your alternator is not producing enough power to crank the engine.

4. Grinding or Whining Noises

Unusual noises, such as grinding or whining sounds, can be a sign of alternator failure. These noises my indicate worn bearings or failing alternator.

5. Electrical Issues

Electrical issues like faulty wipers, radios, or other accessories, can be a sign of alternator failure.

6. Dashboard Warning Lights

Modern vehicles often have dashboard warning lights that indicates alternator failure. If your “ALT” or “CHARGER” light comes on, it may be a sign of alternator failure.

Alternator failure can leave you stranded at the worst time, but recognizing the signs and symptoms at an early stage can help you avoid costly repairs. Keep an eye out for dim or flickering headlights, dead batteries, slow engine cranks, unusual noises, and dashboard warning lights. If you experience any of these symptoms, have your alternator checked by a professional mechanic to ensure your safety on the mood.

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